The Top 20 Highest Paid Actors in Hollywood

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Top 20 Highest-Paid Actors in Hollywood


Hollywood is not for the faint-hearted. And these gentlemen prove that pure skill and suave personalities can go a long way in a very cut-throat industry. Below are the richest actors in Hollywood!



  1. Robert Pattinson

arca finance robert pattinson

If you’re a big fan of Twilight, then Robert Pattinson is no stranger to you. Pattinson secures the 20th spot of our list with $20 million. His most recent movie, The Childhood of a Leader, will be available soon with The Lost City of Oz just right around the corner.


  1. Daniel Craig

arca finance daniel craig

Thanks to James Bond, Daniel Craig is now making $20 million for his movies. No surprise here. Everyone loves “Mr. Bond”.


  1. George Clooney

arca finance george clooney

George Clooney is considered by many as a veteran in Hollywood. Thanks to the two Oscars he achieved in 2006 and 2013. Gravity, Clooney’s latest film grossed over $716 million worldwide, putting this soon to be 54 years old actor in our 18th place.


  1. Matt Damon

arca finance matt damon

If you have not heard of the name Matt Damon, then you are living in a cave. Matt Damon made his greatest mark in the movie industry for roles in the Bourne Series, Interstellar and The Martian.


  1. Brad Pitt

arca finance brad pitt

Two of Brad Pitt’s recent works are 12 Years a Slave and Fury. And who will ever forget Fight –Club? Today, Pitt is earning roughly $20 million per role — which is more than enough for him.




  1. Jon Hamm

arca finance jon hamm

Although Hamm is just a newcomer to the Hollywood spotlight, he became instantly famous after his superb performance as Don Draper on AMC’s Mad Men. Aside from TV performances, Hamm also starred in movies. Remember Disney’s Million Dollar Arm? Last year, Hamm made about $10 million.


  1. Bryan Cranston

arca finance bryan cranston

Breaking Bad anyone? Because of his stellar performance as Walter White, 59-year-old Bryan Cranston brought home a whopping $7 million last year. Aside from his TV performances, Bryan also appeared in movies (Godzilla) and in Broadway (All the Way).


  1. Will Smith

arca finance will smith

The producer of Annie and the star of the international hit After Earth, Will Smith earned a whopping $32 million, putting him on the 13th spot of our list.


  1. Kevin Spacey

kevin spacey arca finance

This charming actor has been around Hollywood for a while. And last year’s House of Cards earned him $ 16 million dollars. Spacey also starred in the Horrible Bosses series — with the third sequel coming out in 2017.


  1. Neil Patrick Harris

arca finance neil patrick harris

Oh Barney! If you’re a big fan of How I Met Your Mother, then you surely love Neil Patrick Harris. A father of two, Neil brought home $18 million last year.


  1. Ben Affleck

arca finance ben affleck

Director and actor, Ben Affleck, is known for his calm and collected demeanor.  He reportedly earned $35 million last year with multiple contracts from D.C. Comics and Warner Bros. lined up right around the corner.


  1. Vin Diesel

arca finance vin diesel

Known for his performance in the Fast Furious Series, there’s no doubt that Vin Diesel is one of the most famous (and hottest) actors in Hollywood today. Last year, Vin Diesel reportedly earned $25 million with Furious 7 grossing almost $150 million on its opening day alone.


  1. Ashton Kutcher

arca finance ashton kutcher

An iconic ladies’ man, 37-year-old Ashton Kutcher earned $26 million last year. Thanks to his star role in Two and a Half Men!


  1. Hugh Jackman

arca finance hugh jackman

Famous for his role as “Wolverine”, Hugh Jackman earned $18 million last year. Hugh has two more X-men films lined up for 2016 and 2017.


  1. Mark Wahlberg

arca finance mark wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg never failed to impress his fans with his coolness. A thriving TV producer and a brilliant actor, Mark earned $32 million last year from his performances in Lone Survivor and Pain and Gain.


  1. Matthew McConaughey

arca finance matthew mcconaughey

Dallas Buyers Club put Matthew McConaughey on the spotlight — bagging an Oscar in the process. This young and versatile actor earned $21 million last year and became one of the most respected actors in the industry.


  1. Leonardo DiCaprio

arca finance leonardo caprio

Although robbed of his Oscar for several times, Leonardo DiCaprio finally bagged one after his stunning performance in The Revenant. The Wolf of Wall Street, as many calls him, recently purchased a private island for $1.75 million. He reportedly earned $39 million from his big time roles.



  1. Bradley Cooper

arca finance - bradley cooper

Last year, Bradly Cooper earned $46 million — putting him at the 4th spot of our list of richest Hollywood actors. Cooper recently starred on films Silver Linings Playbook, American Sniper and American Hustle.


  1. Dwayne Johnson

arca finance - dwayne johnson

Well, everyone knows “The Rock”. Dwayne Johnson crushed the Hollywood after his stellar performances in G.I. Joe and Fast and Furious. Last year, this rising star brought home $52 million.


  1. Robert Downey

arca finance - robert downey

No surprise here. After all, he’s “Mr. Stark”. This 50-year-old movie star is yet to win his Oscars – but who cares really? Right now, Robert Downey is the highest paid actor in Hollywood with $75 million in his pocket.