9 Super Easy Practical Tips on How To Save Money

how to save money today


Top 9 Easy and Practical Tips on How to Save Money


Do you want to make the most out of your hard earned money? Let me tell you a secret: DISCIPLINE and DILIGENCE are key to avoid wasting money. And if you’re patient enough, there are even companies who are willing to give you a way better deal than what you are looking at right now! Want to save more? Here are my 9 tips on how to avoid wasting money!



Tip #1. Avoid Redundancies

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If you have a cellphone and a landline, I suggest you get rid of one depending on what you really need. You should be willing to let go of non-essential features and apps that cost you money as well. Redundancies like having a Netflix and cable TV premium subscription are just a waste of money too! Choose only one — you don’t really need both.



Tip #2. Avoid Fees and Interests

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You can avoid late payment fees if you pay your bills promptly each month. To avoid unnecessary interests, look for banks that charge lower fees or learn to pay your credit card in full every month.



Tip #3. Ask for a Lower Rate

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Learn to haggle. Sometimes, to get the most of every deal, you just have to ask. Don’t be afraid to contact your bank, internet or cable provider and ask them for a lower rate.



Tip #4. Buy the Cheapest Gas

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Are you familiar with websites like GasPriceWatch.com and Gas Buddy? Before filling up that tank, check these sites for the cheapest gas and the sweetest deals! Also, when your car doesn’t need a premium gas, don’t buy one.



Tip #5. Find a Cheaper House

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Do you know that according to the U.S. Census, you are living beyond your means when you are spending more than 30% of your salary on housing. If you are, then it’s probably high time to relocate and find a cheaper house.



Tip #6. Insulate Your House

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Although the initial costs of insulating your home is high, it will eventually pay out in the long run as opposed to paying high heating costs every month. This tip is also good for the environment because you are using lesser energy!




Tip #7. Purchase Energy Efficient Lights

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Energy efficient lights can be expensive at first but know this, they will save you more money in the long run. Incandescent bulbs are cheaper but they use too much electricity and they don’t last long.



Tip #8. Eat at Home

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On the average, cooking at home is cheaper than eating in restaurants. And it’s healthier too! If you’re not a good cook, you can check online recipes like the Food Network to help you prepare delicious meals at half the price.



Tip #9. Make a List


Make it a habit to create a shopping list before going to the supermarket. A list will keep you from buying unnecessary products, allowing you to stay in budget!