20 Easy and Creative Ideas on How to Turn Junk into Art

turn junk to useful and fun art

20 Easy and Creative Ideas on How to Turn Junk into Art

old bottles to useful art

Tired of thrift stores? Maybe you’re not “imagining” better. I can’t blame you though. I admit, sometime, it’s hard to make something out of what seems to be junk — scratched records, old baskets, mismatched dining wares, etc. But you know what? With some creative juices, you can turn these thrift store finds into unique furnitures, one-of-a-kind clothing and beautiful pieces of art! Want some inspiration? Check out the list below!


  1. A “Brand New” Office Chair to Brighten Up the Vibe of Your Home Office

office chair change

Here’s the tutorial.


  1. Wicker Baskets for Your Stash or to To Complement that Interior of Your Home

wicker basket image



  1. Dress-up Your Jars with Chalkboard Paint

change jar



  1. Metallic Paints to Transform Long-forgotten Ash Trays into Elegant Coasters

metalic paints example



  1. Found a Stray Drawer? All It Needs is a Little Paint!

turn your unused stuff to useful art



  1. Retro Bowls from Old Records? Why Not! (Hint: use your oven!)

old records into bowls

  1. Turn a Man’s Used Shirt into a One-of-a-Kind Pencil Skirt

turn an old shirt into a dress

Are you a fan of sewing? Get the instructions here.


  1. Can You Make a Cute Table from an Old Suitcase?

suitcase table



  1. How about an Ugly, Lifeless Decor Into an Original Wall Art?

upgrade old pictures

You can read the instructions here.


  1. Vinyl Letter + White Paint = Art

vinyl letter art

Learn how to do it here.


  1. Pimp Up Your Garden with Picture Frames!

picture frame garden



  1. Want Cute Paper High Heels? Fabric Glue to the Rescue!

refinish your old beaten up high heels

Here’s how to do it.


  1. From Bedsheets to Classic Vintage Napkins

vintage napkins



  1. Guess What? These Throw Pillows are Made from Scarves!

pillow scarfs



  1. Found an Old Furniture? A Fresh Coat of Paint is All it Takes to Look Brand New Again!

freshen up old furniture


  1. Old Pot Cover + Old Clock = Unique and Artsy Modern Clock

old pot cover clock

Want to learn how to do it? Check this out.


  1. Tired Pots? Why not Make a Tea Cup Garden?

tea cup garden


  1. Dishes for Home Decor? Why Not!

dishes for home decor


  1. Got a Little Bleach? Craft a Thrifted Shirt Ombre!

dye old shirts to look cool

Grab the instructions here.


  1. Turn Those Old Thrifted Dishes into Cute Little Mirrors!

dish mirrors

You can get the tutorial here.